Signs That You Bully without even knowing!

  • Okay, time for the truth. Or at least time to consider if you have a confession to make! Take this quiz to find out if you’ve ever bullied someone. Put a check in the number if you’ve done these things before.
  • There’s a boy or a girl (or maybe more than one) whom you’ve repeatedly shoved, or punched or physically pushed around in a mean way just because you felt like it.
  • You had someone else hurt someone you don’t like.
  • You’ve spread a nasty rumor about someone, in conversation, in a note, or through email or instant messaging.
  • You and your friends have regularly kept one or more kids from hanging out or playing with you. Examples: at your lunch table at school, during sports or other activities, or activities that are a part of a club or other kind of group activity.
  • You’ve teased people in a mean way, calling them names, making fun of their appearance, or the way they talk or dress or act.
  • You’ve been part of a group that did any of these things – even if you only wanted to be part of the crowd.
  • If you checked any of these boxes, you’re not alone. All over the country, in all types of neighborhoods and schools, there are all types of young people who bully others. Bullying is serious business. It causes young people a lot of pain, and it can affect their ability to do well in school and their general happiness.
  • But it doesn’t have to be that way. By visiting this site – and taking a look at our Webisodes – you can learn about better ways to treat your friends and acquaintances, as well as become part of the solution to this serious problem!
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