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Webisode Discussion
Download a transcript of all 12 post-Webisode discussion questions.  Click here to download.

 Webisode 1:
KB’s First Day
Being the new girl at school isn’t easy for KB.

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Webisode 2:
Milton’s Dreams
Children who bully make it hard for Milton to enjoy one of his favorite things.

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Webisode 3:
Josh North
Brick surprises Josh by complimenting him on a great race.

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Webisode 4:
Melanie’s FriendsMelanie discovers that
it’s hard to be friends with someone who bullies.

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Webisode 5:
KB’s Day
KB keeps important information from her mom about what’s
happening at school.
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Webisode 6:
Josh & Raven
Seeing Brick bully Milton causes Josh to remember
his own bad experiences.
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Webisode 7:
Soccer Tryouts
Cassandra’s behavior on the field makes tryouts tough for KB.

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 Webisode 8:
KB Withdraws
Afraid of being bullied, KB wants to quit soccer.

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Webisode 9:
Changes of Heart
Milton quits the tuba, while Josh learns that kids who bully can change.

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Webisode 10:
KB & Melanie
Mr. Bittner assigns new lab partners to help Melanie and KB.

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Webisode 11:
Power in Numbers
New friends help Milton stand up to Brick.

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Webisode 12:
Real Friends
Melanie and KB learn the value of real friends.

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Have Fun! Please leave your comments and subjections!


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